X-Test, the Tamar Group’s security division, was established by officers formerly serving in special units of the Israel Defense Forces and other security and intelligence agencies. Their knowledge of explosives and security processes draws on years of experience in the field, and working closely with various Israeli government entities, and several key worldwide agencies. X-Test’s mission is to enhance the capabilities of the human factor and reduce security costs.

X-Test develops and manufactures advanced products and training aids that increase the effectiveness of security personnel in a wide range of applications. X-Test™ inert explosives precisely replicate actual explosives in color, texture, odor (canine compatible), density, and X-ray and CT signatures. These products, along with X-Test's range of training programs and consulting services, are used worldwide by all major regulatory entities to train security personnel at airports, seaports, prisons, mega events and more.


· Training aids: Explosive simulants, bomb technician conundrum, X-ray screening silhouettes, IED replicas, concealed items

· Computer based training (CBT) software: Includes an X-ray simulator

· Courses and seminars: In the field of screening, security sweeps, security checks and awareness

· Auditing, testing and assessing of the security at sensitive locations.



X-TEST on Ukraine Television - Aviation Security


Ukraine Television broadcasts X-TEST's solution for the Aviation Security Sector