Initiation Mechanisms Training Kit


This kit contains a large assortment of initiating and firing systems that mimic those used in Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).It also includes various active initiators with audio and visual indicators that appear upon activation. These are applicable to various scenarios such as suicide bombing attacks, terror attempts in aviation and remote controlled or timer-activated IEDs in Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIEDs).

  • This kit contains non operational devices for imaging purposes only. Customers may request a genuine mechanism to be added to the kit.

This kit and its components are designed for training security personnel at airports, highly secured buildings,
government facilities, mass transit and marine transportation sites, as well as employees of law enforcement agencies. The kit enhances the level of operational preparedness and awareness of security personnel and others, enabling them to identify a wide variety of IEDs.

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