Traveler Training Kit - Inert Explosives (Simulants) Concealed In Traveling Articles

This kit includes simulated Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that have been concealed in standard traveler’s items. The itemssimulate genuine IEDs, including their main components:inert explosives (simulants), initiator, operating mechanism and a power source. This kit is constructed based on a thorough analysis of past aviation terror incidents, and demonstrates the adversary’s modus operandiat security checkpoints.

This kit and its components assist security personnel with training and Red Team activities at airports and other checkpoints. The kit is designed mainly for security personnel operating X-Ray equipment,Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) systems such as Explosives Detection Systems (EDS), Advanced Technology (AT) Systems, Multi-viewTomography (MVT) and more. In addition, the kits may be used by supervisors and regulatory auditing teams for equipment qualification.

*A three-day RED TEAM COURSE is recommended when purchasing this kit

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